Legato: A scripting language for Adventure Games

Something that’s always intrigued me about old-school adventure games were the scripting languages the developers came up with for controlling the game flow. The idea was to have a simple language that’s both easy to read and write and which allows the developers to script game events without resorting to complex programming environments such as […]

Particles with Z-Depth in Unity

In the same vein as my earlier post, here’s quick look at how particles interact with my 2.5D setup in Unity. I’m using a stand-in collider-mesh to make the particles jump around the scene. The Z-Depth compositing takes care of rendering the particles in their correct position in z-space. ) * Cathedral model based on […]

Z-Depth Compositing in Unity

Finally! After much trial and error I now have a perfectly working implementation of 2.5D Z-Depth compositing running inside Unity’s 3D environment. Check out the video below to get an idea of what can be achieved using this technique: ) Z-Depth Compositing you say? The concept is pretty straightforward: Instead of rendering a complex scene […]